Friday, September 19, 2008

Malcolm and his ego need to get a room

Today, Malcolm Turnbull's love affair with himself continued to unabated.

He decided that due to the financial crisis in America, it was time for a bipartisan approach on the economy. Yes the economy. You know that thing that most elections are all about.

Here's a tip Malcolm; you want a bipartisan approach on the economy? How about you first PASS THE FRICKEN BUDGET?!

Malcolm apparently wants to put "petty issues" to one side. OK, how about you also put the serious issues to one side and you agree to the Government's workplace relations policy?

Kevin Rudd quite rightly pointed this out in his press conference today.

Rudd would also know that "bipartisan" implies two parties, and with Malcolm, any marriage always involves three - You, Malcolm and Malcolm's ego.

Malcolm's view of working together is everyone getting together to decide to agree with him.

He is like the guy you invite around for a barbecue who takes over the cooking while you are inside grabbing a beer, and when you get back, somehow neglects to pass you back the tongs and then tells you to hold off on putting on the chicken kebabs, that he has just bought a flash new 4 burner BBQ, that you really should have marinated the steak overnight, and oh would you mind grabbing him a beer?

And excuse me if Kevin Rudd shouldn't rush to seek help from an ex-merchant banker on a crisis involving the failure of ... gee what is it now? oh yes - a shirt load of merchant banks!

And given that back in May after the budget was delivered newspoll showed that voters saw Wayne Swan as the most capable person to handle the economy over Turnbull by 40% to 26%, I don't see why Rudd would want to go with the runner-up.

Turnbull and his party, might also do well to realise if Australians had wanted his mob to be in charge of the economy they would have voted for them last year.

But geez, the hubris of this guy is infinite. And I believe his onanistic desire to be thought the best at everything will be his undoing.

I am positive he will do well in the polls in the short term; but it's my belief that with Malcolm, less is definitely more. The more people really see of him, the more they will realise that no one comes before Malcolm in Malcolm's eyes.

I have been a Republican since I was 9 and my Dad let me stay up and watch The Dismissal on TV; it is one of my abiding hopes that Australia will become a republic before I die. And yet, by the day of the Republic referendum, even I was feeling like voting "no" due mainly to the pompous arrogant git who was running the Australian Republican Movement. Hmmm, now who was that guy??

But look, what do you expect, Turnbull is an ex-merchant banker, and we all know what that is rhyming slang for...

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