Friday, October 24, 2008

Ah nearly there

Well only 2 weeks to go till the US election (thank God).

Saturday Night Live this week decided to have a special Thursday election edition (which is code for milk the Tina Fey impersonation all we can before November 4). So here's Will Ferrell as George W Bush:

Over on Jon Stewart he does a quick run down of the gaffes done by Biden, Obama, Palin and McCain. (yep all four!)

Here in Australia things aren't so funny (mostly because The Chaser isn't on anymore). Peter Martin has an interesting blog about how Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop have approached the financial crisis.

Here's Julie Bishop trying to "calm" things down:“The government’s own actions have caused greater instability in the Australian financial markets than any event that has occurred overseas”.

Yep good work Julie, that'll keep any worried pensioners from trying to withdraw all their money. Total bullsh*t, but then that's her stock in trade. At no stage does she follow through with what she is implicitly suggesting - namely that the government should guarantee mortgage funds and the like (and why not - because even she knows that would be a disaster).

And then today Wayne Swan suggests people who may be in financial trouble because they can't get money out of their mortgage fund should go to Centrelink. Now that might be technically right, but it was bad politics, and gave Turnbull a bit of a free kick.

Oh well. Two weeks without parliament just might help settle everyone's nerves.

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