Monday, December 13, 2010

A Quick Thanks

Yes, I know I said I was on holidays, but today I won a Wonkley Award, and that doesn’t happen every day.  This won’t mean much to those who aren't into blogs or Twitter… (in which case I’m not sure what you’re doing here), but it was an award set up by the good folk over at The Notion Factory, and covered a raft of categories, such as Best Political Journalist (won by Annabel Crabb), Best Political Cartoonist (Crikey’s First Dog on the Moon) and Worst Q&A Panellist (Janet Albrechtsen).

In the end there were over 12,000 votes cast, and I think most would agree it was a great success – it really started from nothing, and and it stirred up a nice bit of interest, and some friendly banter between nominees. (The results were even scooped by The Ghost who Tweets which I guess, puts it on a level with Newspoll!) – so well done the Notion folk – hope next year it is bigger and better.  amateur-pol-blog-lite

They had a category for “Best Amateur Political Blog” which I was fortunate enough to win. I also won for Best Amateur Political Blogger, but I have to say, without being too ungracious, I’m not sure how you would split the two categories – it’s a bit like Best Sound and Best Sound Editing at the Oscars – I know there is a difference but each year in my Oscar Pool I just vote for the same film for both, because I can never remember what the difference is. So I’ll just go with the title of Wonkley Winner rather than multi-Wonkley Winner. (Which does sound a tad trumpet blowing).

Thanks to all who voted for me – glad the subtle links I gave on Twitter did the job.

I shall proudly display the winning banner on the sidebar for as long as feels comfortable before I think it looks like I am trading on faded glories. So I would wager sometime around June 2015 I’ll reluctantly take it down…


Fiona said...

Congrats! Bring on 2011!

Anonymous said...

wating for "Best MSM picture of a hitherto unseen blogger in the public service" - for which you would also win hands down!

Been a bit of a traumatic ride for you, but hope this shows the widespread appreciation we all have for you GG.


firstdog said...

Not sure how it happened. I know I didn't vote for you.

Red Bakersen said...

Congratulations! You won two Wonkleys! (Don't care you blended them into one)

For the record, I DID vote for you. ;)

Unknown said...

I have just spent the best part of 3 hours of reading your blog (albeit, selective pieces)and have throughly enjoyed what I read. I am looking forward to 2011 and you becoming a part of my life.

Drag0nista said...

Congratulations. No-one other than you could have won either category. You have carried the torch for the rest of us and suffered the flames. Rest well over the break - there is more fun to be had in the New Year. Dx

MBBlink said...

Well done! You will always be Grog to those of us who relied on your beacon of sanity in the darkest nights of the election. Blog on!

jonathan said...

I misread your tweet and thought "why is he celebrating getting a Wankley?".

Anonymous said...

Wow a Wonkley!!! OMG! O.K. I admit I had never heard of a Wonkley until 5 minutes ago but I am nevertheless pleased and impressed. Much more fun than being mentioned in a wiki-leak or outed by a tribe of mental pygmies. May 2011 bring you even more rewards to beat back the stupidity that will continue to fall from the media skies.

Fozinoz said...

Congratulations - it's not every day you win a Wonkly let alone two!

Anonymous said...

Onya Grog, I envy you being in the company of Annabel, the other deserved winner.

And firstdog, I'm astonished that you won. I wouldn't have voted for you but yesterday's effort was pretty good.


lyn said...

Hi Greg

Congratulations Greg, see! I have been telling you and everyody else,your work is fantastic, for a long time.

Looking forward in anticipation to your excellent, enjoyable opinion pieces throughout 2011.

I enjoyed reading the write up you received in City News Canberra ,also love the photo.

Merry Christmas Greg to you and your family.

Grog's Blog, The inside story of an outed Public Servant.


Anonymous said...

Pffft. You know you love being called a multiple-Wonkley winner.

From a wonk fan (you know who).

Happy Christmas to you and the girls and I hope for a safe, happy, prosperous 2011.

Pip said...

Congratulations Mr. Wonkley Winner and brickbats to those who caused such a drama for whatever their reasons were.
Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very prosperous, troublefree Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

grats mate, well deserved

Anonymous said...

Pity they didn't have a few more shame awards, such as:

Worst Newspaper

Worst TV Coverage

Worst Radio Coverage

Jen said...

Well done - I voted for you and First Dog.
You have both been a source of wisdom and humour in Oz politics.

(Thought Sophie Mirrabella should have won worst QandA appearance though. )

Rhiannon Saxon said...

Well done Grog! I voted for The Conscience Vote but it was such a tough decision as I really, really love reading your blog and certainly hope you feel up to it in the new year.

You thoroughly deserve your multiple Wonkleys - leave it there until 2020 if you feel the need!

And yeah - Sophie Mirrabella SHOULD have won worst Q&A panelist - I think she interrupted and howled people down more than even John Elliot and that's saying something.

ttjarrett said...

Well done on the Wonkley Grog! It must have been a turbulent year for you.

I just have to say, I am also currently reading American Tabloid (for the 3rd time) and in my opinion Pete Bondurant is the best character Ellroy has ever produced.

I'd love to see the whole USA Underworld trilogy made into a quality (HBO produced prehaps) TV series, but would be shattered if it was done wrong.

Alastair Baillieu-McEwan said...

At the moment would you believe I'm actually watching a chicken cross the road. It's my daughter's brown chook and I'll have to try to coax it back into it's home. (No, I don't know the answer to the question but wonder if it might have something to do with Christmas!). Such pleasantly relaxing days.
Good for you on being awarded the Wonkley. I realise it's not from the Chocolate Factory but it is very well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Well done, GG. Discovered your site through your "outing", and really enjoy your writing: it all seems so sane and logical - how come those involved don't see it that way? Looking forward to more. Best wishes.

Hillbilly Skeleton said...

*Throws Rose Petals at Grog's feet*
Now, get back to work! Abbott and Joyce are running amok with their damn stupid 'Dam every natural waterway' idea, and we need someone like you to take it apart, limb by pustulous limb.
Cheers, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! from your mate over at The Political Sword, Professor Sir Hillbilly Skeleton...And, for the record, I voted for you in one category, but not the other. Our site had to get at least one vote!