Thursday, December 1, 2011

Australian Political Blog Roll – a Call for Help

As some of you would know, I am writing a book for Scribe publishers on social media and politics, policy and journalism. As part of the project I thought it worthwhile trying to come up with a list of all Australian political blogs. Such a thing is actually rather difficult to accomplish. The fleeting and fluid nature of the blogosphere means that many blogs come and go, some will will about politics but then drop it as a topic.

The blog rolls of other blogs is often a poor resource. Most bloggers are like me and are very good at adding blogs to the list of links, but very loathe (or lazy) at removing blogs that no longer operate. In my travels I used blog rolls from Larvatus Prodeo, Catallaxy Files, Tim Blair, Club Troppo among others, and I have to say there’s a lot of dead links there.

I also decided to cite the political leaning of the blog and also the sex of the author/authors. Once again such a thing is not easy, and has thus with respect to “political leanings” been a subjective judgement by me – and may be completely wrong, please feel free to correct!.

The sex of the blogger is also not always straightforward. Some bloggers, it may shock you to know, use a pseudonym and thus unless they write somewhere on the blog about their sex it can be difficult to discern. In such cases I have made a few uneducated guesses.

This brings me to my call for help. Given I am a mere blogger, I have no doubt made a few errors – either in terms of political leaning, sex, and possibly even the title of the blog. I present this list asking for help pointing out errors or mine and importantly errors of omission.

Now what is a “political blog”? Again this is a subjective thing. Obviously there are the obvious ones – like this blog or like Catallaxy Files or Poll Bludger. But many blogs write about many issues. Many blogs for example will write about feminist issues or human rights issues or climate change science. Are they political? As a very general guide for me a political blog needs to discuss politicians. If you are writing about sex discrimination in the workforce then yes the issue is political, but if you are not referencing politicians then I have likely left you off this list. As a very loose rule if I’m typing “Abbott” or “Gillard” into a blog’s search engine and I’m getting no responses or perhaps only one or two during last year’s election, then I have left it off this list.

I’m happy to be persuaded this is wrong or too narrow, but I am not after a list of all blog in Australia that discuss issues that may have political aspects. I’m looking purely for those blogs that discuss – and at least more than occasionally – politics.

As to the list I make absolutely no value judgement. While compiling the list I came across some blogs I had not previously encountered that I think are absolute gems; others… well let’s just say I won’t be a regular reader. This is not a “best of” list. If your blog is on or off this list it says nothing about the quality of your writing; purely the subject. Also if a blog is not on here it in all likelihood is not because I have made a “value judgement”, it’s just I missed it – which is why I have put this out there for assistance and for discussion (I know I will have missed a few utterly obvious ones – apologies in advance).

I have used the phrase “Group” to denote any blog where more than one person writes for it. Some of these may be out of date – ie now there is really only one person writing for it. I have left of “discussion forums” such as “Essential Baby”, although obviously these contain much political discussion. Any thoughts on that is again much appreciated.

My general rule on “live blogs” is that they have been written in the last six months (though this is not hard and fast). Some blogs have posts that are more recent, but have also announced they are either ending or “going on hiatus”. I’ve left those of the list. So if your do have any suggestions could you just check that they are still “live”? Cheers!

I have also for the most part left “journalist bloggers” off the list. The Daily Telegraph for example on its blog page gives just about all of its journalists a blog. They are not really blogs. I left Janet Albrechtsen off the list because since the paywall has gone up she (either through choice or management decision) has gone behind the paywall as a “columnist” rather than in front of the paywall like Jack the Insider or Meganomics.

I have also left politicians off the list, though if any wish to make the case for certain ones to be included, please do so.

Anyhoo – here’s the list. Enjoy and any advice and/or suggestions to it are much appreciated.

Blogs Political Leaning Group/ Individual Male/Female
38 South R Group M
A Senex View C Individual  M
A State of Mind L Individual  M
A.E. Brain L Individual  F
Ambit Gambit R Group MF
An Onymous Lefty L Individual  M
Andrew Bartlett L Individual  M
Andrew Bolt R Individual  M
Andrew Catsaras L Individual  M
Andrew Landeryou R Individual  M
Andrew Leigh L Individual  M
Andrew McIntyre R Individual  M
Andrew Norton R Individual  M
Annabel Crabb C Individual  F
Antony Green's Election Blog C Individual  M
Antony Loewenstein L Individual  M
Anything Goes L Individual  M
armagnac'd L Individual  M
Ash's Machiavellian Bloggery L Individual  M
Audrey and the Bad Apples L Individual  F
Aussie Macro Moments R Individual  M
Aussie Observer C Individual  M
Aussie Views News R Individual  M
Australian C Individual  M
B Sides L Individual  M
Balneus L Individual  M
Barnaby is right CR Individual  M
Ben Pobjie's Wonderful World of Objects L Individual  M
Bernie Slattery R Individual  M
Bill Mitchell – billy blog L Individual  M
Bingbing R Individual  M
Black Dog L Individual  M
Blogger on a Cast Iron Balcony L Individual  F
Blogs Blue Bec L Individual  F
Blue Milk L Individual  F
Breakfast Politics L Individual  F
Bunyipitude R Individual  M
Cablog L Individual  M
Cafe Whispers L Group MF
Catallaxy Files R Group MF
Chasing My Own Tail L Individual  F
Chris Berg R Individual  M
Chris Kenny R Individual  M
Club Troppo C Group M
Core Economics C Group M
Cory Bernardi R Individual  M
Cranky Old Crow L Individual  F
crazybrave L Individual  F
Croakey C Individual  F
CXLI L Individual  M
Cyclone's Sketchblog R Individual  M
Dave from Albury L Individual  M
Dave's Archives L Individual  M
David Mallard CL Individual  M
De Minimus Ago Curat Blog L Individual  F
Deltoid L Individual  M
Desperate Houso L Individual  F
Dickhead Frenzy C Individual  M 
Dodopathy L Individual  M
Dominic Knight L Individual  M
Drag0nista R Individual  F
Duck Pond C Individual  M
Ducking Cynthia L Individual  M
Econogirl C Individual  F R Group M
El Cid R Group MF
En Passant L Individual  M
Erin Riley L Individual  F
event mechanics C Individual  M
Everyone is a Moon L Individual  F
Feeding the Chooks C Individual  M
Fortress Australia R Individual  M
Free Market Liberal R Individual  F
Fuck Politness L Individual  F
Get Shortened L Individual  F
Grog's Gamut L Individual  M
Groupthink L Group M
Gutter Trash  L Individual  M
Had Enough! R Group MF
Harry Clarke L Individual  M
Heathen Scripture L Individual  M
Henry Thorton R Individual  M
Hexpletive L Individual  F
Hey … What did I miss? R Group M
Houses & Motions C Individual  M
Hoyden About Town L Group F
Ian Hall R Individual  M
inCISe R Group MF
Independent Australia C Group MF
Inside Story C Group MF
Institutional Economics R Individual  M
J.F. Beck R Individual  M
Jack Lacton R Individual  M
Jack the Insider CL Individual  M
Jennifer Marohasy R Individual  F
John Quiggin L Individual  M
Kate Curruthers Aide-Memoire L Individual  F
Kev Gillett R Individual  M
laberal C Individual  M
Labor View From Bayside L Individual  M
Larvatus Prodeo L Group MF
Left Flank L Group MF
Left Focus L Individual  M
Let’s take over L Individual  M
Loon Pond L Individual  F
Machine Gun Keyboard L Individual  M
Macrobusiness C Group M
Mama Mia C Group MF
Matt Hayden R Individual  M
Meganomics C Individual  M
Menzies House R Group M
Mike Stuchbery L Individual  M
Miranda Devine R Individual  F
Misc and Other L Individual  F
Mumble C Individual  M
Nearly Everything is Better C Individual  F
News Delimited  L Individual  M
News With Nipples L Individual  F
Nic Stewart C Individual  M
No Place For Sheep L Individual  F
North Coast Voices L Group MF
On Line Opinion C Group MF
Open Cogitations L Individual  M
Opinion Dominion C Individual  M
Oz Conservative R Individual  M
Personal Reflections C Individual  M
Peter Gallagher C Individual  M
Peter Martin C Individual  M
Piers Ackerman R Individual  M
Planet Irf L Individual  M
Politcal Tarot L Individual  F
Political Owl L Individual  M
Politically Homeless C Individual  M
Poll Bludger L Individual  M
Polliepomes L Individual  F
Pollytics L Individual  M
Press Gallery Citizen Journalist C Individual  M
Public Opinion C Individual  M
Pure Poison L Group M
Restless Capital  L Individual  M
ricardian ambivalence R Individual  M
Right Pulse R Individual  M
RightWingDeathBogan R Individual  F
Robert Corr L Individual  M
Sachi’s hyperbolic space L Individual  M
Shut up, vita L Individual  F
Simon Jackman C Individual  M
Skepticlawyer R Group MF
Slackbastard L Individual  M
Smelly Tongues L Individual  M
Social Scapegoat C Group MF
Sporadic Rage L Individual  M
Spray of the Day L Individual  M
Stephen Koukoulas L Individual  M
Steve Keen's Debtwatch C Individual  M
Stilgherrian L Individual  M
Still Life With Cat L Individual  F C Individual  M
Straight Shootin' From the West R Individual  M
Strange Times L Group M
Sustainable Development R Group M
Take Back Australia R Individual  M
Tasmanian Politics & Other Stuff L Individual  M
The Angle L Group MF
The Bannerman C Individual  M
The Body Politic C Group MF
The Conscience Vote L Individual  F
The Conversation C Group MF
The Daily Wire C Group M
The Dawn Chorus L Group F
The Dog's Bollocks C Individual  M
The Failed Estate L Individual  M
The Hoopla CL Group F
The Interpreter C Group MF
The Left Hack L Individual  M
The Looking Glass L Individual  F
The Network L Individual  F
The Notion Factory C Group MF
The Orstrahyun L Individual  M
The Outsider R Individual  M
The Piping Shrike L Individual  M
The Political Sword L Group MF
The Preston Institute L Individual  M
The Referral L Individual  F
The Tally Room C Individual  M
The Voice of Today's Apathetic Youth L Group MF
The Watermelon Blog L Individual  M
There Ain't No Sanity Clause L Individual  M
Tim Blair R Individual  M
Toughtlines with Bob Carr L Individual  M
Trevor Cook L Individual  M
Under The Milky Way L Individual  M
Values Australia C Individual  M
veni vidi blogi L Individual  M
Warwick Hughes R Group M
Watching the Deniers  L Individual  M
We are all dead. L Individual  M
Web Diary L Group MF
Wildly Parenthetical L Individual  F
Wixxy's Blog L Individual  M
Woolly Days C Individual  M
Zed's Blog R Individual  M
Zero at the Bone L Individual  F


Brigid said...

Thx Greg. I do appreciate a list like this. I understand that you were reading LP etc yourself. However, even though I am a person with a community and professional, background in unions and politics, I don't read them. Why? Because I think they take an academic, insider approach. They don't deal with real people and real issues that matter to real people.

My blog, The Network, has taken over from a previous blog called The Eagle's Nest. I had hoped to attract like-minded writers to The Network but that didn't eventuate ... but I am a networker. Thx to the internet and social media, I am plugged into a lot of stuff and then a lot of people send me stuff.

The Network doesn't receive huge amounts of hits but enough to be encouraging. My big moment or moments for traffic were earlier in the year when Andrew Bolt, on the weekend before the trial began, closed comments on his spot in the Hun and sent his followers to me - and people are still coming to those posts! Thousands of 'em.

So all the best and I'll try to get to some of those on the list with which I am not familiar. said...

Greg, not sure I'd necessarily classify Cranky Old Cow as "L" ... regularly posts links to articles on my blog, and others that you've classified as "R". Blogroll etc also suggest "R" as more appropriate classification.

Just as a FWIW aside, I don't necessarily consider my blog to be "R" - have often posted articles pillorying Liberal Party's record and policies, urging Nats to split from Coalition, and advocating some positions that most would label even more "far Left" than the Greens. It's worth noting that (allegedly) Barnaby Joyce classifies himself as an "agrarian socialist". However, fully understand the difficulty and subjective nature of even attempting such classifications.

Congratulations for taking on this challenging task.

Min said...

Hi Grog,

I'm Min of Café Whispers, our blog master Miglo is a bloke :) I, myself am a F.

Alistair Baillieu-McEwan said...

Grog - I'm curious to know why it is necessary to gender identify political blogs. The inference of course is that not all opinions are equally valid?
I also think you DO need a further qualifier in your identification of R and L. There are quite a few you have mentioned that I would regard as FR (far right) and FL (far left)and F-O (far-out) for that matter.

@ndy said...

Hi Greg. This is a really useful list, one I've been looking for for some time. I hope others can amend/correct/update it as necessary.


Re def of 'politics': it's an OK rule of thumb yr using (must make ref to politician/s) but obv flawed in some respects. With regards L/R distinction, I dunno how yr book's gonna look, but some scope for inc self-definition would be useful too.

Benjamin Marks said...

Thanks for the inclusion of in such an inauspicious list of boring, cowardly and unprincipled websites, who are all afraid to answer this one question that I have given them.

Also, our philosophy is anarchocapitalism, so we support the repeal of all government bans and taxes on drugs, gambling, etc. And we oppose all Australian foreign policy. Whatever this is, it is not usually called right wing, and so it is very misleading to label as right wing. Unlike every other site you mention who all hide their positions and reasoning, if you want to know what the positions and reasoning of is, all you need to do is look in our middle and right columns, where you will find it arrayed in an entertaining and accessible manner.

I am happy to answer any questions.

Greg Jericho said...

Thanks all for your advice/ comments thus far, especially on the political leanings as I must admit to not having read all of these blogs regularly and this my quick snapshot might have resulted in skewed results.

@ndy one of the reasons I've put this list out is for anyone to find it and let me know if they think I've labeled them wrongly

Alistair Baillieu-McEwan I am making no statement of the quality of the blogs be they blogs by men or women. I am just interested to see what is out there, especially given the fairly regular (and I think wrong) suggestion that women don't blog about politics.

As to going FR or FL, that would require more subjectivity than I would wish to make.

Thanks Benjamin, nice rant.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg/Grogs,
Great list, I didn't know there were that many of us.
Strange though, I didn't think I was left leaning...much...
Looks like I have some reading to catch up on.
Keep up your good work.

martin said...

Can I suggest
Australian political blog with an emphasis on Indigenous politics & Human Rights.

David Fawcett said...

Hey Greg,

Feel free to leave me out since I do run for elections as an Independent or feel free to include me because I suck at running for elections. ;)

I self identify as centrist but frankly describing people as left, right or center isn't particularly helpful. I tend to see political ideologies as being distractions and just another tool of political parties to seed fear and distrust in the electorate.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Greg and thank you for preparing this list. There are blogs there that I don't know!

I have a second purely regional blog that should probably be classified as a political blog, New England Australia -

Nathan Lee said...

Can add mine if you like:

Left I guess if we need absolute divisions


Individual said...


>"As to going FR or FL, that would require more subjectivity than I would wish to make."

Wise decision.

By the way, here's another blog you may have missed Run by a M, and although I'm uncomfortable with labelling, would likely go under your "R" label.

David Fawcett @4:25pm,

Agree your comment re political ideologies, though rather than a distraction sowing "fear and mistrust", I'd simply say "division".

I'd vote for you ;-)

Possum Comitatus said...

I have a question, and my question is: Why isn't Graeme Bird's blog included?

Oh, and climate change is really bad

dogpossum said...

Why so dichotomised, dood? M/F or... ?

idose said...

Presenting a long list of blogs like the one here... you have made the difficult look so easy. I came across a number of new blogs which I haven't come across earlier. Thanks for sharing!

Ben Courtice said...

My blog doesn't so often discuss the ins and outs of parliament but does look a lot at Australian politics particularly in terms of ecological issues:
(Ben Courtice. Male. Politics... green left? Ecosocialist? something like that)

Dr_Tad said...

Hi Greg

Thanks for this.

New individual blog focusing on debates in the Greens by Tony Harris, "Watermelon":


crazyjane13 said...

Thanks for this list - it's most helpful. Quite an eye-opener to see how many political blogs are out there! And thanks for including The Conscience Vote.

I must admit, I'm curious as to why you decided to include the perceived gender of each blogger - not least from my own point of view. I don't identify as 'female', but as 'genderqueer', and have been fairly open about that. Identifying me as 'female', possibly based on my avatar photo, is misleading.

I raise this point because issues of gender and sexual identity/orientation can often be the catalyst for a blogger to become political.

I can understand your wish not to classify bloggers more specifically than 'Right' or 'Left', but is it at all helpful to potential readers to make a decision on perceived gender, especially when it's so narrowly applied?

Again, thanks for all the work on this list - must have taken ages.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call the Gutter Trash blog Left by any stretch of the imagination. The latest topics have included: Labor Under Gillard: It’s Just F***ed. Only the full word is used. Labor is Mud Says Rudd, Why Does Julia Hate Gays and Lesbians.

Min said...

I would also like to nominate Kevin Rennie's Red Bluff. Kevin also cross-posts to our Café Whispers.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the list, perfect for summer. Can't wait to see the gems and the ....

Anonymous said...

Daniel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel said...

We micro-blog and post links to blogs. Perhaps we can be placed on your list?

reb said...

I wouldn't call the Gutter Trash blog Left by any stretch of the imagination. The latest topics have included: Labor Under Gillard: It’s Just F***ed. Only the full word is used. Labor is Mud Says Rudd, Why Does Julia Hate Gays and Lesbians.

I beg to differ. As the author of those posts, my point is that under Julia Gillard, Labor has taken such a dramatic lurch to the right that it can no longer be regarded as a "left wing" political party anymore. You only have to look at the Malaysia Solution and Gillard's staunch opposition to marriage equality to see that.

reb said...

I would also add that Rudd did actually say "Labor is mud".

It's a direct quote. Since when did quoting a senior Labor politician become tantamount to right wing vilification?

The Antibogan said...

Activist blogs, Centre Left, Male and female contributors

The Antibogan



Derek Barry said...

So by my count its 107 left, 3 centre left, 45 centre, centre right 1, right 47. The left could rule outright in a bloggers parliament without the need to beg to us centrists.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Pollbludger is L. Although many of the posters are L, a lot of them are rabid Liberal, including, I suspect, William Bowe the blogs 'owner'.

Anonymous said...

what about these two:

Anonymous said...

Great to see a post again. It would be nice if you added a link here to your drum posts, they can be hard to find.

Going through my list I would add:

Your definition of blogging might be too narrow to cover it, but it is not main steam media and they definitely cover political topics.

wmmbb said...

Congratulations of deriving the list of political blogs.

Thanks for including Duckpond, but I was surprised to awarded a Credit. I try to to remember to write it in a way that a reader could follow the argument even if they fundamentally disagreed.

Rebecca said...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the link ( I'd also suggest including:

Legal Eagle said...

Thanks for the link, and a very useful list.

However, I would just like to point out that we at Skepticlawyer are all women, and we traverse the political divide. Skepticlaywer herself is a libertarian, whereas I'm generally more centrist left, and our other bloggers are different again. I don't really like the L/R divide much to be covers up such a multitude of different opinions.

Best, LE

D-Man, Webmaster said...

Hey buddy,
Thanks for including Straight Shootin' From The West!
I'm happy to be an R...even happier to to be thought of a Centrist long as them hits keep coming!

Greg Jericho said...

Cheers all, again. Great comments and links. Thanks Leagle Eagle - for some reason I thought I noticed a male contributor. Thanks for the correction.

Judith M. Melville said...

Hey, Greg! In a piece of shameless self-promotion, how about including 'A Clarence Valley Protest' online since 2007. It even has posted replies from politicians in relation to water policy politics.

Trung said...

I'll just comment that a better categorisation of left and right would be better and more accurate using this system

Takes in consideration social and economic political beliefs and that being socially left doesn't necessarily mean you are economically left as well and vice versa. So you either are authoritarian/libertarian left/right. I think it's more accurate then just a simple left/right

Body Politic said...

Hi Grog,

Thanks for including, very much appreciated!

As a group, the Lefties to kind of out number the right wingers, but we do aim to be centrist on reporting news.

Looking forward to reading all these other blogs.

calyptorhynchus said...

To add to your list

The Calyptorhynchus Blog




Anonymous said...

My only suggestion is you add an N to the gender column. It could be used for not-defined/identified or for neanderthal. That thought is strictly a Bolt from the blue and is not pointed in a particular direction.

Greg Jericho said...

Trung, yes that would be better. But bloody hard to chart for over 200 blogs, and would involve too much guess work on my part. For example I would have gotten Pollytics' position wrong

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, I have a political blog called The Red Star Twinkles Mischievously, which I started pretty recently (about 3 months ago), and as you may have guessed, I'm a leftie. Also male. Here's a link Good luck coming up with a list of all Australian political blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for carrying out this survey. I have always had problems with the "Left" and "right" categorisation of politics but I would certainly favour being thought of as "Centre" rather than either of these positions.

I strongly support action to address climate change (so does Malcolm Turnbull) and don't think that contractionary fiscal policies are the way to deal with the current macroeconomic problems but I don't think this makes me "L".

But generally I put emphasis on the role of free markets adapted to internalise external environmental costs and other market failures. So do most Australians.

Harry Clarke

Greg Jericho said...

Thanks Harry

mOOm said...

I assumed that Harry was right wing... well in the Turnbull mode...

Bill said...

[waves meekly]

Tim Lambert said...

I made a table of self reported scores on the Political Compass in this post. That was in 2005, so you can also see how many of the links to those blogs still work.

DaveMcRae said...

Good luck with this - it must cut into drinking time .. or drive you to it :)

For the possible reasons you have Deltoid or Watching the Deniers and one I have on my list but I can't see on yours is Graeme Readfern's - I would guess a C but I doubt my skills playing that game. said...

Hi Greg,

If you would like to add another one:

male, individual, left.

My perspectives on politics, religion, human rights and social justice.



Greg Jericho said...

Thanks Tim. That is very interesting

Armagny said...

Thanks for the inclusion. I've leaned mostly into social and personal writing recently, but get a good, mostly L, sometimes contrary poliblog in there sometimes. Good luck in your project.

Lad Litter said...

Good luck with putting this list together – it will be a great boon for us all to not have to bother with the research and insight-free zone that is the MSM commentariat.

It will also be fascinating to see how what gulfs there may be between any self-identification of political leaning and what appears on closer inspection.

If a blog has a history of Green-bashing and nary a sharp word to say about the Coalition policies, shock-jocks and trollumnists then self-identification as centre left is delusional.

anarchist said...


I don't know if my blog is popular enough for your list, but in case it is:

All the News That Fits -, individual, M, L.

Helen said...

Thanks for including the Balcony, Greg. Just a minor correction: It's on *the* Cast Iron Balcony, not "a" Cast Iron Balcony. Like the Hal Porter title.

Ian said...

I write an Australian political blog from the perspective of a blowfly aloft the shoulders of our poliitical 'leaders'.See

Anonymous said...

Open and Shut is a great blog by Peter Timmins which covers in-depth a wide variety of FOI issues.

Anonymous said...

I meant to link to Peter Timmin's FOI blog. Here it is:


Anonymous said...


You have a lot to answer for.

As a direct result of being added to your list Under The Milky Way is now being archived by the National Library, meaning future generations in perpetuity will be exposed to ... it.

I think it will be filed under 'Unintentionally Bizarre'. So, thanks! :-)

All The Best,


Ari said...

Most Finns do not have any idea what's going on in their own country. Finnish newspapers are dependent on Finnish political elite, neighbouring governments and even powerful banks.

Citizens are unaware of many subjects in Finland.

The Swedes executed at least 460 Finns in the spring 1918.

In Espoo near Helsinki, the Swedes fenced off the school building with barbed wire, to ban children the access to a Finnish school.

reb said...

Hi Greg,

It's reb here, formerly of Gutter Trash.

Just letting you know that I have closed down Gutter Trash for reasons best explained here:

And started a new blog called "The Farnham Report"

The farnham report, like GT will be mostly looking at politics from a centre-left perspective...


Anonymous said...

Why do you say the blogs on the Daily Telegraph are not 'real blogs'? Of course they are. The real question is why are there so little political blogs on the Fairfax sites?

joey said...

Most Finns do not have any idea

Medical Business

Tom Lyons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tom Lyons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kiankov said...

IT's politics after all and to be honest no one would agree if you say it diferently. There are many stupid people who would not appreciate it but let's face it no one wants to create something that he can't oppose against later on, There are few good people and SO Ltd and are in my list for the past 6 months.