Thursday, December 22, 2011

Drum Piece - PMs and presidents: in another leader's shoes

My Drum piece which went up yesterday is a rather silly-season bit of hypothetical that wonders how the leaders of the US and Australia would have fared under the other’s system of Government.

I’m having a couple weeks off writing for The Drum, which is good because otherwise I’d be forced to write again about asylum seekers and I think I’d prefer to stab myself with a rusty fork than do that.


Brett Donald said...

I hope during your time off you'll blog about a prediction you made earlier in the year that either Gillard or Abbott would lose the leadership by the end of this year.

Anonymous said...

Wondering what you had to do to get a regular spot on Their Drum. You haven't quietly joined the IPA, have you, Grog? {wink}

Greg Jericho said...

Yeah Brett - it was one of those ah what the hell things I did. Nearly came true if you believe the papers. Pure bullsh*t though. A guess, and that's all it's worth