Friday, March 30, 2012

Drum Piece: Nannies, Holden and ANU

My Drum piece from Wednesday is here. It looks at Abbott’s proposal to get the Productivity Commission to look at extending the child care tax rebate to nannies. It must be so gratifying to the PC that from now on every one of their recommendations will be put implemented by a future Abbott Government. Here comes pokies reform… Yeah right.

It has five graphs. Matt Cowgill, ever the data nerd, has created graph of my Drum posts comparing the number of graphs with the number of comments.


1 comment:

NPT said...

I love it.

Mind you, the R-squared isn't exactly high.

It looks alas as if Cane Toad Abbott will win the next election. A sad day.

P.S. Why "cane toad"? He's ugly as sin; poisonous to touch; and Queensland will be instrumental in electing him.