Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Book– The Rise of the Fifth Estate

On Tuesday, as usual, I discovered news through Twitter. Michelle Bennett of 3RRRFM tweeted me saying my book looked good and she couldn’t wait to read it. This rather surprised me as I had no idea the release had even been announced. A quick look on my publishers’ (Scribe) website showed that their catalogue for July-December was out, and sure enough I was there on page 17.

The blurb is below for your pleasure:

Book blurb

Even though at the top of the page “September 2012” It will be out at the end of August. I’ve seen various dates on Angus and Robertson, Penguin and Book Depository ranging from the 22nd, 25th, and 27th.

I know I should be more across such details, and I was told 25th so it’ll be around then I guess!

And yes there will be an e-book version!

I’ll let you know about book launches etc.

For those wondering, there are only seven graphs in the entire book. And in keeping with my early days of blogging, one of them is (with his magnanimous permission) from Possum.  


Alistair Baillieu-McEwan said...

Pity you didn't let rip with the graphs - they have been a great aid to understanding and I've made sure to distribute them to friends whose views are of the right, who are given to huge exaggerations on most economic matters - along with the outright lies.

Also caught up with your blog on tennis this morning while enjoying the news of Roger Federer's win last night. I'm a big fan.

Now you have finished with the book perhaps you'll blog a bit more. Some of us don't twitter.
It would be good to have a few in depth blogs on literature as well as politics and economics.

Craig Thomler said...

Only seven charts, disappointing.

Did you think we read your blog for the articles ;)

The big question on everyone's lips (or at least on James Massola's lips), is what next for Grog?

Anonymous said...

Left a request for email notification when it is available with Book Depository so that is one sale to come :)
Are you doing any signings Greg and if so anywhere outside the frozen zone?