Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Relaxer: Picks and Tubes

This week I was going to write about the Hottest 100, but someone did that.

I was then going to do a list of things. But Ben Eltham wrote in Crikey today that lists are stupid. So I’ll wait a week, before doing another one.

And thus I am a tad bereft of ideas for a Friday night post (aside from the two I have already written). So I shall fall back on some fun little nuggets thrown around this week on Twitter.

The first comes via Stephen Murray who found this pretty well known advert for Tim Tams from the 1990s. It is probably the only Tim Tams’ advert I can actually remember (I can’t even think of what is the current advert for Tim Tams). What I didn’t realise was that the actress was none other than Cate Blanchett.

Pity the poor blokes who are in it with her - no doubt their careers were at the same stage; one has gone on to slightly better things… They must look back and think, well at least I can say I starred opposite Cate.

The second is from Red Bakersen. It’s a trailer for a film that imagines what Pixar’s “Up” would have been like if it had been made by Disney back in the 1960s. The version presented – as one of those films that so often used to crop up on TV in my youth as a Sunday matinee – is quite spot on, I thought. The casting of Spencer Tracey is perfect.

Finally, from the venerable David Paris, comes a version of Cee Lo Green’s “F**k You” (Number 7 on the Hottest 100) done in sign language. If for nothing else, it is good watching because it let’s you know how to swear in sign language, and you just never know when that kind of knowledge will come in handy.

Have a great weekend!


Red Bakersen said...

Wow! I'm very flattered by the mention. So much in fact I'm not bothered that you spelled my name wrong. :p

I love that sign language video. I can't tell you how many times I've watched it over the last 3 weeks. That young woman is my hero!

Thirdborn 314 said...

Love the last video. I wonder if that was a final assessment for a signing course - I bet she passed...

Lulu said...

Was the canteen lady at a school for children who are deaf for a few years and could communicate ... in a fashion. There is a fine line between this message and thank you, I learnt!

Greg Jericho said...

Oh bloody hell, Red, how hopeless of me!!! Very sorry about that. I thought I cut and pasted your name from your Twitter page, must have stuffed up somewhere.

Now fixed!

Red Bakersen said...

No worries. Happens all the time. ;)