Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election 08: Not long now...

Barack Obama was interviewed on Jon Stewart last night; but before the interview he does a great clip on the McCain campaign and the tendency of Palin to "go rogue", and also the fact that "Joe the Plumber" is an ignorant fool (and McCain equally so even thinking the guy has anything worthwhile to say).

Before that - what the hell is wrong with "spreading the wealth"? And how in the hell is that socialism? Apparently living in a free society means I keep everything I earn and bugger the rest of you. Beautiful. Fantastic. Good luck building your own road; or your own school, hospital, sewerage system... Geez America! I swear the way the right-wing nuts are going, by the 2012 election believing in democracy will be viewed as dangerously left wing.

Here's the Obama interview. His background is straight out of Yes Prime Minister. In one episode Jim Hacker is about to give a Ministerial broadcast. When it comes to devising the set he is given the following advice:

"you should emphasise the one you're not. Or the one people are in danger of thinking you're not. So, if you're changing a lot of things, you want to look reassuring and traditional. Therefore you should have a dark suit and an oak panelled background and leather books. But if you're not doing anything new, you'd want a light modern suit and a modern high-tech setting with abstract paintings"

Obama's slogan all year has been "Change". His slogan now is "Change we need!"
So check out his suit and the background to see what he's trying to emphasise...

In the interview he referred to a campaign speech with Bill Clinton. Below is Clinton's introduction of Obama. It's a good introduction by a guy who obviously would be deeply cut that Hillary didn't get the nomination (and in my opinion she would be killing McCain as well if not better than Obama).

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