Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Full Support

In the superb TV series The Games, which was on in 2000, there is an episode which features a press conference where the Minister for the Games, "Robbo", is talking about various environmental aspects of the Games. During the conference he is asked a question about an obvious stuff up to do with the environmental guidelines of the Olympics. He responds to the charge from the journalist "Nicole" that he is to blame with the following:

ROBBO: I'm glad you've got such a high opinion of me, Nicole, but I'm not responsible for everything that happens in the preparation of the Games. Nor can I do everything. Kevin Nowra of my office is in charge of the day-to-day operations at Homebush

JOURNALIST: There's talk that his position is under review.

ROBBO: Look, I'll make this clear enough even for you Nicole, Kevin Nowra has my full support.

At this point Bryan Dawe, who is watching the conference, remarks:

BRYAN: That's it for Kevin then.

John Clarke agrees:

JOHN: Yes. Say goodnight to the folks, Kevin.

Another person sitting with them wonders why:

MR WILSON: He'll be alright, he's got Robbo's full support.

John explains:

JOHN: Having Robbo's full support is often the last sound people hear. They just hear they have Robbo's full confidence and a nice man pops a bag over their head.

Now today in a press conference, Malcolm Turnbull was asked about Julie Bishop's position as Shadow Treasurer. Here's what he had to say:

"Julie Bishop has my total confidence both as the deputy leader and shadow treasurer.''

Yep. She's on her way out. Alas.

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