Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the QT: Big props; big dill

Ok, yes, I'm a politics addict...

Once again I didn't see much of QT, but I was unfortunate enough to witness Joe Hockey try and unfurl a dumb prop showing the length of time the Government is projecting to be in deficit.

There is one easy guide with opposition members and props - the bigger the prop, the weaker the argument.

Joe's was the biggest ever used.

It was a disgraceful performance, that for some reason the Liberal's think makes them look intelligent. In reality it makes them look like kindergarten kids. But oh well, let them hang themselves with their own props.

And Joe - take a couple Bex and have a good lie down.

Here for your edification is Australia's parliament in action.

PARLIAMENT FARCE: Joe runs with scissors - multimedia -

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