Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the QT: Don't know really

I couldn't be bothered with Question Time yesterday or today.

From what I can gather, yesterday the opposition cheered when Rudd finally said "billion" - I guess that's their election winning strategy locked in then.

Apparently Anthony Albanese then skewered Turnbull nicely by referencing the Claire bogan 'chk chk boom' girl.

Today, from the little I did see, it seemed it was all nation building and points of order. Chris Pyne got chucked out for 24 hours for being his usual pointless self, and, though I didn't see it, no doubt Gillard then said something that got Hockey all sweaty and bellicose (as always happens).

To be honest, I couldn't give a rats.

I'm giving politics a break for a bit; and I'll see if I care about it in a few weeks' time.

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