Monday, May 18, 2009

Where are you on the politics scale?

Over on Poll Bludger a few posters were talking about a politics quiz on the excellent site, Oz Politics. It's a fun activity that gives you a bit of a guide about which political party best represents your values, both socially and economically. It only takes a couple minutes to do (if that), so have a go.

You don't have to register or anything - just have to give yourself a name at the end, though it can be anything anonymous if you want.

My score was as follows:
Party preference

Greens: 65.9%
Australian Democrats: 80.1%
Labor Party: 75.5%
Family First: 64.2%
Liberal Party: 62%
National Party: 53.8%
One Nation: 41.1%

Which is about right I think. I never voted for the Democrats, but I am certainly more on the left side of the ALP than the right (on some things). Glad to see One Nation came a distant last!

The other scores were:

Political outlook
Your broad political orientation score is -18.4%, which equates to a ‘Centre Left’ position

This is pretty spot on.

Economic policy
Your economic policy score score is -5.3%. This equates to a ‘Centre’ position

Again, about right - I am actually more Centre when it comes to economics than I am with other aspects of politics (no doubt a hang over from my Bachelor of Economics days).

Social policy
Your social policy score is 1.1%. This equates to a ‘Centre’ position

Which means I don't really think the Govt should interfere in the social lives of people, but it's not a strong belief. Again, about right, I guess.

Traditional values
Your traditional values score is -18.2%. This equates to a ‘Centre Left’ position

Apparently this means that I think the state should not overly intervene in the moral lives of its citizens. Again largely true.

Anyhoo, it's all good fun, and might make you think a bit about who you vote for and why.


Anonymous said...

Australian Democrats are politically to the right of the labor party, not the left?

Greg Jericho said...

I'd say the Democrats were (are) to the left of the ALP - though it get's pretty blurry.

Unknown said...

I would have thought the Democrats were right of Labor, and picked them as the party closest to me. My results come out just right of centre (further right on economics) only to see the Democrats snuggled up against the Greens with the whole ALP between me and them.

Natasha, I'm afraid we weren't meant to be. :)