Friday, March 12, 2010

Film trailer – Robin Hood

While it is not an Australian film, I am looking forward to Robin Hood, which is due out in May, mostly because it looks like Gladiator 2: Maximus goes Medieval.

I’m a bit of a fan of Russell Crowe – he may be a bit of a lout when he’s on the drink, but you can’t fault his acting ability. This film also pairs him with Cate Blanchett (she plays Maid Marian). Now I have to say, having the crush that I do have for all things Cate, I must admit while watching the trailer I do feel like yelling out, “No Cate! Don’t do it! You can do better!!!”. But I must admit this trailer is certainly whetting my appetite nicely.

There have been quite a few trailers for this film – at least 2 “teaser trailers’ and then 1 or 2 versions of the first look trailer. This is the final trailer – ie the one that really lets you know what the film is going to be about. It reinforces even more the Gladiator 2 vibe. Of course there is no way it will be as good as Gladiator, because that film came along just at the right time. So it is doubtful that there will be Oscars going its way, but I hope it makes a lot of cash, if only because I like seeing Aussie stars being able bring in an audience in big budget films. The market is predicting it will make $150m+ at the US Box Office. It gets released the week after Iron Man 2 and the week before Shrek 4 – which shows just how jam packed is the US film market.

The interesting thing with this film is that I love the recent Robin Hood TV series, so I will have to forget that version when I see this (it won’t be hard to forget the Kevin Costner abomination – notwithstanding the “cut his heart out with a spoon” line). But it’s obvious that the TV series and this film are of completely different tones, so I don’t think there’s too great a concern about the two versions being made so close together.

So here’s the trailer, enjoy:

And while we’re talking Aussie stars in big budget movies, Sam Worthington is in his third huge action film in 12 months (coming after Terminator 4 and of course Avatar). He is in the sandal and gods epic, Clash of the Titans. Though it would be a stretch to say he is the “star” of the film, given it also includes Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. This perhaps as much as any of the three films he has been in will determine whether or not he has what it takes to carry a movie, and whether he is to become a Russell Crowe, or an Eric Bana (no disrespect to Bana, but Crowe is on a much higher level in the film world). Clash of the Titans comes out in the US in April – it’s expected to make around $200m+, and like all action film must now be, it’ll be in 3D.

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