Sunday, May 30, 2010

AFL Power Rankings: Round 10 (or, where’s my farewell game?)

This week will see the last game to be played by the Crows’ Tyson Edwards. One of those players that every supporter would like to have in their side: honest and good week in week out. Will he make the Hall of Fame? Last year I weighed up his chances and had him on the fence. The 320 games should get him in, but the lack of an All-Australian selection counts against him. But as I also wrote last year, the way that the Hall of Fame is currently chosen means it’s all rather meaningless.

This week showed a few things – first that Geelong is the best team in the league (but you knew that already). Second, that Freo is the real deal and will play in the finals (ok, we knew that as well). Thirdly, that Collingwood and the Bulldogs are susceptible and no certainty to play in the Grand Final (yeah, I guess we knew one too). Fourthly, that Hawthorn is still a chance to make the finals, so too are the Lions, and that the Saints are nowhere near as good as they were pre-Riewoldt’s injury, but they’re still pretty damn good (umm, yeah alright they’re points that were known also before this week…)

OK, look this week didn’t teach us anything knew. Except that Brisbane, Essendon, Port and the Bulldogs are bloody annoying team to have to tip.
And yes, I know – we knew that already.

So let’s get to the Power rankings this week – no change in the top three – though next week’s matches could upset a few things- especially if Collingwood goes down to the Bulldogs.  The big movers are the Hawks, who I’ve put into the top 8. With 4 teams on 5-5, this week’s game of Sydney-Essendon, Hawks-Port and North-Brisbane will start to separate the top and bottom halves.



clip_image001[12]11Geelong8-2Far and away the stand out team of the comp. They have won 30 out of a possible 40 quarters – the next best?  Freo on 26.
clip_image001[18]22Collingwood7-3Two losses in a row mean this week’s match against the Bulldogs is shaping as massive test – an an 8 point game in terms of making the top 4 (and also to see which team will start to panic).
clip_image001[6]33Fremantle8-2Whooshka! A 10 goal third quarter put North to the sword. They now get to beat up the Crows in Tyson Edwards’ farewell game.
clip_image002[4]45Carlton6-4Gibbs had a massive 35 touches, 12 marks and 1 goal. My only sadness is I didn’t pick him as my fantasy footy captain this week. With Melbourne and North up next, they should go meet Freo the week after on 8-4.
clip_image001[10]56St Kilda7-3Their last quarter was just brutal – 5 goals in 13 minutes, that had the Crows looking as hopeless as everyone expected them to be.
clip_image001[8]64Bulldogs6-4OK something went wrong there. Is it the end of Akermanis? There won’t be too many saying “I hope not”. If they lose this week, making the top 4 will start to look beyond them.
clip_image001[24]79↑Hawthorn4-6The Hawks led all day and nearly lost it. Their season is still alive – but there’s no margin for error. Port, Crows and Bombers are up before the break. They area big chance to be 7-6!
clip_image001[20]88Essendon5-5Essendon are playing the spoiling role quite nicely. But with 3 wins in a row, they’ll go to Sydney chock full of confidence.
clip_image001[22]912Brisbane5-5Where this win came from I don’t know – but given Fev’s penchant for kicking goals out of his bum, they might do well to look there.
clip_image001[14]107Port Adelaide5-5Wow. Yeah it was underwater, and yeah they have injuries, but only 30 points against Richmond?? Their next three are Hawks, Swans and North. Must win at least two.
clip_image001[4]1110↓Sydney5-5A tough loss at home. The reality of the season has hit the Swans as they have played better opponents. They face Essendon and Port before the annual game against the Pies in the mid-year break.
clip_image001[16]1211Melbourne4-6Honest in defeat, but in defeat they were. They have Carlton and Collingwood before the break. Looking 4-8 in the eye.
clip_image001[28]1313North Melbourne4-6Never really in it against the Dockers. They now face the Lions in a match that will have ramifications come September and the race to see who gets into the eight.
clip_image0021414Adelaide2-8They really were good for two quarters – hard, tough, great marking, good kicking. But you can only keep up a charade for so long. The last quarter fade out showed the Crows for who they really are.
clip_image0011515West Coast3-7For all the raves about Naitanui, the last few weeks have not been good. I don’t think he’ll ever be a week in week out great player – more a flash of genius that frustrates.
clip_image001[26]1616Richmond1-9OK, who tipped this??? And as a reward for their first win, they get to play the Saints. Oh joy. 


Sean said...

Small thing - the Swans loss to Hawthorn was at the MCG, not at home.

Greg Jericho said...

Oh geez *smacks head* thanks Sean - no idea how that one got through. Think it was becasue of the odd guernseys the Hawks were wearing - thought they were an away jumper.