Monday, February 28, 2011

On the QT: Best Performance in a Shouty Role

I must apologise, but today I am not feeling the best and so there won’t be a post tonight (err other than this).

Today there was lots of shouting from Abbott when he moved a censure motion against Gillard for lying. Yeah the irony detector has well and truly been broken in Canberra. The censure motion was preceded by Gillard pretty easily slapping back any attacks from the Libs. You would have to be the most craven conservative supporter to suggest she looks at all rattled. In fact, she looks to be loving it.

Joe Hockey in his censure motion speech complained about the price of smokes, which was a bit odd, but no where near so odd as Abbott comparing Gillard to Ben Chifley because Chifley introduced petrol rationing. (and that was after more Lady Macbeth analogies).

During QT, Julie Bishop gave Gillard a death stare that was so obvious it begged to be laughed at (seriously Julie, you did it on The Chaser: it is now a joke). The PM pierced Bishop by saying: “I suggest Australians rush to their kitchens and check their spoons aren't bent after that performance". Bishop is the MP who takes least kindly to being mocked, and given her big weapon seems to be this stare, it truly deserves laughter. 

The whole of QT was all a bit by the numbers. Gillard is in her element and won’t be troubled one little bit by anything any of the Libs ask her. Abbott’s censure motion speech seemed to be addressed to about 72 people. Hardly anyone outside of parliament would have understood or cared about most of his references. And those who did listen to it and heard him use Alan Jones “Ju-liar” term must now realise that the guy is merely a mouthpiece for the right wing elements of the media. Has Abbot ever advocated any policy that first hasn’t been advocated by Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt or Piers Ackerman? Perhaps his paid maternity leave scheme? Any others?

When you get to the point where the leader of the opposition is reduced to calling the PM “Ju-liar” you have to concede that a point has been reached where he is no longer worthy of taking at all seriously. A shocking performance. Grade 2 level. My seven year old daughter has a more mature wit.

At least it wasn’t as bad as the Oscars.

My God what a horrible show – and I fast forwarded most of it (heck virtually all of it). My picks? Well I got 15 out of 24, which is decidedly poor. But it could be worse; I could be Anne Hathaway’s agent, who has to convincingly tell her she was a fantastic host.

Colin Firth proved once again that the Brits give much better acceptance speeches than Americans. The only exception to this rule is when the winning American is George Clooney.

And that’s it for me tonight. Hope to back on deck with my usual post tomorrow.


vp said...

Agreed, in toto.

Sir Ian Crisp said...

The PM does look good in the ‘House’ but it’s how she looks outside the ‘House’ that might be concerning the backroom boys and girls at ALP H/Qs. It’s obvious that the PM will be flooded with offers from the many used car businesses along Parramatta Road if she finds herself the quarry of the ALP’s ‘accident department’.

Doug said...

A nice little read from someone feeling crook. Dr Doug prescribes a big bowl of chicken soup, followed by a scotch with warm water, and then early to bed.
Hope you're feeling more chipper tomorrow.

Chris said...

Oohh that's harsh on Anne Hathaway. I thought she was the stronger of the two Oscar hosts. James Franco was stangely uninvolved for a host, and for most of the telecast he seemed to be looking away from the camera in some bizarre Michele Bachmann impersonation.

Gordicans said...

Good post thanks Grog. I watched QT today and Julia really is dynamite on the floor. She easly has Abbott measure and I thought he looked rattled today. The other thing not reported in the media today was how good Combet's speach was. Julia has had a different approach not bringing up climate too much, but Combet zeroed in on the climate aspect and absolutely ridiculed and harpooned Abbott (bringing up abbott's comments about grapes being grown in Roman England "were you there tony" etc)in a very stylish manner. He is a very impressive operator.

J.P. said...

If I recall correctly George Clooney's speech was the epitome of self-indulgence?

As Sir Ian says, Gillard may dominate in the house but it's those pesky people who couldn't give a shit about QT that she needs to impress.

Siobhan Hannan said...

The worst was waiting for Channel Nine to finish This Is Your Life and for the Oscars to start. If that has been my life I would have ended it a long time ago. What kind of hell is it and what must Debra Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman have done in a previous life (or do Channel 9 have secret shaming footage somewhere?) to sit on a couch for 2400 hours listening to Eddie Maguire say "that's just fantastic." Eddie has never met an adjective he likes better. Nor an audience he couldn't bore into submission. Give me Anne and Franco anyday!

Pip said...

Pretty good post from someone who's not feeling too good. Hope you feel better tomorrow. I agree about the death stare, she looked ridiculous.
Siobhan I think the reason for the appearance on This is Your life was for an excellent cause, World Wide Adoptions, nothing wrong with that surely given that there are 153 million orphans in the world.

Alf said...

Loving the Uri Geller reference - give me some of that old time vitriol imdeed!

Hillbilly Skeleton said...

If Abbott wants to do dueling Shakespeare, how about this for starters wrt to Mr Shouty?
``To be so
pestered with a popinjay.'' --Shak.
A trifling, chattering, fop or coxcomb.

Chris said...

Are we building up to Abbott gurgling and frothing at a rendition of the St Crispin's Day speech?

Unknown said...

I am the opposite of a craven conservative supporter mate but I have never seen Abbott look so good and it is a very uncomfortable feeling. His performance last week certainly got the attention of the masses even if they did not fully understand it, they liked it. Julia does look better this week in the house but take her out of that comfort zone and she lags much more than will be tolerated... and doesn't Shorten know it!

kazann said...

Ah bent spoons. That did make me laugh. Whenever I see Julie Bishop do her "death stare" I get the giggles. All I can imagine is her practicing in the bathroom mirror everyday saying to herself "OK googly eyes first now don' blink, don't blink" before she leaves for work. It's to contrived.