Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Lounger

Given I couldn’t think of anything for last night, here’s some pretty amazing clips that I’ve come across today.

The first, via @caldron_ baidu, is this incredible trailer for the video game Dead Island. The game is about killing zombies, which you’d think, oh ok, pretty standard stuff, ho hum. (I mean killing zombies has been a video game staple for a very long time); well if the trailer is anything to go by, the game is turning it all up a notch.

Trailers for big budget games are now standard – in fact many are better than those for films – because given it’s a game the focus is on the premise, not the “spoilers” that you come across so often in film trailers.

The trailers for Call of Duty: Black Ops were brilliant (I liked this one the best), but this one, and its reversal of time, is just stunning.

Now it ain’t for the kids – it is definitely R 18+ – but for those who think there’s no art in video games, have a look at this:

Now to watch it in chronological order go here (I did have it embedded, but the screen shot that was the default picture on the video was freaking me out!)

And now for something much lighter (much!), via Tom Burmester, the cast of the film Take Me Home Tonight appear in a video by Atomic Tom redoing the 1980s “classic” by The Human League “Don’t You Want Me”. The clip is full of 1980s movie references, have fun picking them:

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kazann said...

Loved the filmclip for Atomic Tom's rendition of "Don't You Want Me". My daughter's education in 1980's movies is almost complete. She only two she missed were Fatal Attraction and Risky Business. Not bad for a child born in the 90's.