Thursday, November 1, 2012

On the QT: Combet has them at the jump

OK, Question Time today, as ever was pretty dull, but yesterday and today Combet has been having a bit of fun with Tony Abbott’s predictions about the impact of the carbon price. Today Combet rather tortiously made mention of predictions made about the impact on sporting event to get onto talk of the Spring racing carnival, wherein he ran his eye over the Liberal Party form guide  (the good stuff starts at the 2:04 min mark)

Now here’s the best things about it :


Turnbull knows how to laugh at himself (and perhaps also at the current Liberal Party Leadership) – and even Kevin Andrews begrudgingly cracks a smile.

Scott Morrison is less impressed, but still chuffed that he’s getting a mention:


But Julie Bishop? We are not amused:



Lucas said...

Is that the famous Julie Bishop death stare I see?

Greg Jericho said...

Yes Lucas - a definitive variant of it.

Anonymous said...

WEll Combet panders to the spooked by foreign horses by voting to cut off the country.

Helen said...

Did you mean "tortiously" (with reference to a tort) or "tortuously"?

Patriciawa said...

What a pity you didn't include the PM's reaction to Combet's race commentary!

What a contrast to Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott!

Can anyone provide a direct link to that?

Patriciawa said...

Helen, I had a think about that too, but knowing Greg, I opted for "tortiously" since he rarely makes either typos or spelling mistakes. There was nothing tortuous about any of his references to the LNP characters in his sights; they were right on target. To some of them, like Abbott and Bishop, lacking a sense of humor, his descriptions might well have seemed actionable!

PS. I liked your website, Helen.