Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birth of a Nation

Jon Stewart recently came first in a poll on Time magazine's website as the most trusted newscaster in America; which is a pretty sad indictment on American TV journalism. Still given the way he slaughters the politicians and media in that country, it's little wonder the public prefers to trust a comedian who has hosted the Oscars than any number of supposed serious journalists.

A good example is his recent treatment of the "birthers" movement. The "birthers" is a group filled with right-wing, nut-jobs who achieved the pinnacle of their intelligence when they began to walk upright, which believes that Obama was born in Kenya not Hawaii, and thus he should not be President (because to be President of the US, you must be born in America - a dumb law, but what the hey, we'll leave that for another day).

The group has been getting airtime on the standard right-wing blogs and shock-jock talk-back radio shows, as well as the right wing editorial shows that are on the cable news networks. So idiotic is American politics (and particular elements of the Republican Party) that a Bill is going to go before the House to legislate that any Presidential candidate must produce their birth certificate before being eligible to run.

They, of course, say it has nothing to do with "doubts" about whether Obama was born in the USA. Yeah, it's all just an amazing coincidence. Dills.

But still; the good thing about the issue is it allows Stewart to do what he does best, and to do it brilliantly. Watch and enjoy.

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