Friday, January 29, 2010

They Got a Little Lost

Watching so much tennis this summer has made me realise a couple things.

Firstly, Courtney Cox needs to be surrounded by 5 other friends, for me to really want to watch any TV show she is in. Sure I'll give Cougar Town a go, but I have a suspicion it'll go in the pile with Dirty Sexy Money and Cashmire Mafia of shows plugged without remorse during the Australian Open that turn out to be only so so.

Secondly, I haven't watched Lost in ages.

I think I stopped part way through the third season, when "the Others" came along in great prominence. The show went a different direction to the way I wanted it to go, so I dropped it. I did much the same with Heroes. Both shows had great first seasons - as good a first seasons as any shows in the history of TV. Some shows start off ok, but take a while to find their feet - Seinfeld, The West Wing, The Simpsons are a couple that really only became truly amazing in their second and third seasons. But Lost and Heroes? Their premises were so unique and interesting that each episode in their first seasons was absolutely unmissable.

And then... well they kept going... and I went.

In Lost's case things just got too damn convoluted; too damn stupid. It went from being a show where you wanted to find out the answers to a couple of things, to a show where every episode threw up a new question. Given this season is to be the last season, apparently these questions will be answered. I won't be around to find out, and the "Fine Brothers" have come up with an excellent song which pretty much explains why I won't be:

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