Monday, November 23, 2009

On the QT: Parliament House ping pong

Question Time continued its ongoing nadir of level of debate. The Opposition asked about asylum seekers; the Government asked Dorothy Dixers about the ETS.

And back and forth it went. Greg Combet had the most fun of the day relating some of Tony Abbott's better lines about how the “argument for climate changes is crap” and other bon mots which merely proved that Abbott reads Andrew Bolt’s blog religiously. The back and forth pattern was only disturbed when Chris Pyne got up to ask about chaplains in schools; which was rather odd given the Government had announced on the weekend that they were extending the scheme till 2011. Apparently the Libs now want this extended indefinitely, which is rather stupid but oh well, you have to try something I guess.

And that was it really. All rather boring and pointless.

After Question Time things got a bit interesting with all the machinations going on in the Liberal Party room. The laugh of the day came from former Minister for Immigration, and the architect of Work Choices, Kevin Andrews saying: "At the moment we have a leader but I am a loyal servant of the party and I will do any job that I am asked to do." Yep, the Liberals have got to the point where Kevin Andrews thinks someone might be dopey enough to ask him to be leader. Geez, and John Howard thought he had it bad with the Joh for PM campaign in 1987. What with Abbott, Minchin and now Andrews, Turnbull must feel like he’s dealing with a Joh for PM campaign where Joh is already in the party room.

Tonight came word via David Speers of Sky News that Turnbull was happy with Government's final ETS offer. More than 75% of demands met, much better than expected.

So I guess this means he’ll argue it should be supported. We now wait to see how many cross the floor or (as I expect most will) abstain.

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