Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stewart skewers Beck

If any of you have ever come across Glenn Beck in your travels on the internet, you'll know you have stumbled across the... oh how to put it nicely... err.. the dumbest right wing nut bag ever to walk the earth. He is the type who makes everyone feel better upon seeing, because he allows everyone else to know that at least one person in the world is dumber than they are.

He is an absolute kook, who (of course) has his own show on Fox News. He is into conspiracy theories in a way that makes the plot of a Dan Brown novel seem like 2+2 = 4. He is the type who if he saw a politician wearing a red tie, would put a mark down next his name as a likely communist. If that same politician the next day wore a blue tie, he would see it as evidence that the politician was trying to disguise the fact he was a communist.

In short he is well susceptible to being laughed at. (and unfortunately, because he is a right wing nut bag, he has a horde of followers who hang on his every word). He has 150,000 followers on twitter, who get to read his updates - things like:

When will Washington STOP abusing our nation and children's future?

He has started a thing called the 9/12 Project - because he wants America to feel like it did the day after September 11. (Yeah you know, scared shitless, and fearing all foreigners). He blathers about wanting to bring back true American values etc etc. It's all a massive joke, that would be funny if it wasn't so scary because of the platform he has on Fox News.

Thankfully we have Jon Stewart to pop the Beck balloon for us. Last week he did one of the best parodies of Beck you'll see. For those who have seen Beck in action, go straight to the Stewart clip, and enjoy. For those who haven't seen Beck, watch the following first, and you'll see I wasn't exaggerating at all in my description (oh and good luck trying to last the full 8 minutes).

now Stewart does Beck

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