Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Best Advert Yet for for the RSPT

A few week’s back I suggested the Government get out Bill Hunter to do the advertising for the RSPT. Since then they’ve apparently spent $38.5m on adverts. I say apparently because I still haven’t seen an advert. On Fox Sports the Mining Council’s ad is running on high rotation, but as I don’t watch much Free TV, I don’t know if the Government has a TV ad or not.

If they do, they should shelve it (a good phrase to use when talking about the RSPT), and instead let the CFMEU’s advert do the work for them. They haven’t got Bill Hunter, but instead have made use of Charles Firth (of The Chaser, now of Manic Studios). Wisely, given all the bull being sprouted by the mining companies of late, they’ve gone the humour route. And they have found there is plenty to laugh at:

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L said...

That is brilliant.