Monday, June 28, 2010

Time for a break

To my regular reader (oh ok, I’ll show some hubris and admit there is a plural number, and say “readers”), I’m off on holidays for a week. Unless something amazing happens – you know a PM is rolled or something – I’ll won’t be back till Monday or Tuesday next week. 

Alas I have failed to offer a fulsome critique of the Liberal's 12 point action contract. But, seriously if you were a political strategist would you come up with a 12 point plan to win an election? Twelve steps to an election win? I’m guessing the first one is to admit you have a problem. I can’t wait for them to get to Step 8 where they have to make amends for all past wrongs… (we really need a Jon Stewart, this stuff is like shooting fish in a barrel, and the fish are slow moving and have a target painted on their scales saying ‘shoot me here’)

And did Abbott need to sign each one? Are they worthless without his signature? Or like Latham signing the big pledge for lower interest rates does this just show the depths at which Abbott is held by the public – that his word is not considered his bond, and he needs to sign it as well? But gee, why would Abbott’s word not be good enough… can’t think of any reason why that would be the case…

Today Andrew Robb came out and said Gillard needed to appoint a new Finance Minister given Lindsay Tanner was retiring. What rot, and I’m glad Julia hasn’t been suckered in to playing this game, like Kevin Rudd was in 2007, when Howard and Costello forced him to say Tanner and Swan would remain in their positions after the election.

Hands up who can remember who was Finance Minister under Howard? If you said Nick Minchin give yourself a kewpie doll, and pat yourself on the back for being a total politics’ nerd. But geez, no one seriously gives a damn who the Finance Minister is unless it is someone as incredibly ill suited for the role as say Barnaby Joyce. But surely no one would ever be dumb enough to think he could fill that role…

To go out with, here’s a clip from Jon Stewart last week absolutely skewering the media over their reaction to the General McChrystal story in Rolling Stone that led to his dismissal. Have fun, see you next week:

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Grensborough Growler said...

Even God only needed 10 Commandments.

Grog said...

Thats' gold, GG

L said...

Does it remind anyone else of Newt Gingrich and his "Contract with America"?

we really need a Jon Stewart

But what would the Australian Jon Stewart make fun of? As crap as a lot of our broadcast media is, its real sin is mediocrity rather than the kind of attitude that produces things like that "our job is just like being President" clip. Once you've made cruel fun of ACA/60 minutes/Today Tonight a couple of times all you have left is pointing out that Kochie is a tool, and everyone knows that already.

Also, the photo of the GIs pushing the giant piece of Hooters fried chicken up the hill on Iwo Jima is awesome.

Enjoy your holiday!

Agnes Mack said...

Have been watching for coverage of the action contract but it seems to have quietly disappeared. Perhaps the early comments likening it to Latham's signing of that interest rate promise frightened smarter Libs.

Cairns still 22C I see this am. Enjoy it. Will be a long week for those of us addicted to the sanity and cut-through commentary of this blog. Happy holiday.