Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yes, the Libs have a jingle

Taken from the file of “things I thought I’d never seen again” comes a jingle for the Liberal Party. Talk about moving backwards. Please keep your laughter to a minim (oh bugger it, laugh away, I did).

To take you back to a time when jingles were more common, here’s some adverts from the 1990 campaign:

Here’s the Whinging Wendy advert from 1987 (with a snippet of the ALP’s jingle at the end). It’s a great advert for a couple reason – one, Laurie Oakes gets a mention, proving that some things never change in Australian politics; and secondly for the line “you mate Sir Joh said…”. Calling Joh Howard’s mate might be rather a big stretch, especially given the damage Joh did in 1987, the ALP gun must have had a lot of fun writing that line, it’d be like an advert this year saying “And Mister Abbott, your mate Malcolm Turnbull said…”:

Here was a bit more of the 1987 ALP jingle:

And we end with the best jingle of all time:


Amos Keeto said...

If Julie Bishop does a clip I'm going to kill myself.

Greg Jericho said...

Oh come on, Julie banging out a ditty? What's not to love?!

L said...

I swear the first time they sing the jingle in that Tony Abbott ad they're singing "stand up for re-election".

Greg Jericho said...

L - oh geez, it does!

L said...

They still haven't realised that they lost the last election, have they?

Greg Jericho said...

The problem is L, they think the last election result was just a mistake.

Anonymous said...

How about if Julie Bishop made an ad at the Macey's video karaoke booth---like the Sonic Youth version of 'Addicted to Love'? Now that I'd pay to see! Apparently you can also get kittens or puppies if you don't like the army background :)


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